Did you know that sleep problems in Autistic children are a prominent feature that have an impact on social interaction, day to day life, academic achievement, and have been correlated with increased maternal stress and parental sleep disruption!

Please find below few curated tip and tricks which will help your child receive his daily dose of zzz's:

  • Make sure that your child's room is as cool, dark, and quiet as possible to avoid sensory challenges. If possible, use blackout curtains; do your best to keep outside sound to a minimum.
  • Establishing a regular bedtime routine should start at least an hour ahead of time. 
  • Turn off all electronics, and provide a clear, repetitive routine that includes brushing teeth, reading together, or whatever is most relaxing for your child.
  • Follow the sleep chart provided in our app to make sure that your child has received the right amount of sleep based on their age.

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